Ailey – Sundace Film Festival 2021

Many know the name Alvin Ailey, but how many know the man? Ailey’s commitment to searching for truth in movement resulted in pioneering and enduring choreography that centers on African American experiences. Director Jamila Wignot’s resonant biography grants artful access to the elusive visionary who founded one of the world’s most renowned dance companies, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

Jessica Taylor (FTLOB – For The Love of Bachata)

In this episode we interview Jessica Taylor, the founder of For the Love of Bachata which started as a Facebook page to share bachata music with her community but has grown into socials, bi-annual festivals, and DJ’ing.

Hello World!

The dance community is a diverse common ground for people who come from all avenues of life. And, with that in mind we promote a place free of prejudice and discrimination.

We’ll be curating, presenting and featuring content from artist that believe and support making the dance community a better and accepting place.

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Black History Month!

It’s February 2021 and we are celebrating Black History Month and those black individuals that have influenced our lives in a positive light, directly or indirectly. And, as we enjoy expressing ourselves through social dancing to the tunes of music genres heavily rooted in black ancestry, I thought of sharing some songs that I appreciate deeply.